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 Quality of migrant schools in China: Evidence from a longitudinal study (No.E2014001)2014-09-05
 Health Investment over the Life-Cycle (No.E2013006)2013-12-27
 Substituting Leisure for Health Expenditure: A General Equilibrium-Based Empirical Investigation (No.E2013005)2013-12-16
 Moving to the Right Place at the Right Time: The Economic Consequence of the Manchuria Plague of 1910-11 on Migrants (No.E2013004)2013-11-08
 Innovation-driven Economy and Optimal Low-powered Incentive Mechanism Design (No.C2013002)2013-08-27
 The Nature and Avoidance of "Middle-Income Trap" (No.C2013001)2013-08-27
 Effects of Extended Unemployment Benefits on Labor Dynamics (No.E2013002)2013-03-25
 Why Do Americans Spend So Much More on Health Care than Europeans? –A General Equilibrium Macroeconomic Analysis(No.E2013001)2013-03-25
 Inflation and Real Wage Inequality: Empirical Evidence and a Model of Frictional Markets (No.E2012002)2012-11-08
 Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Endogenous UI Eligibility (No.E2012001)2012-10-22
 Does Intellectual Monopoly Stimulate or Stifle Innovation?(No.E2010003)2010-12-07
 How Children Affect Mother\'s Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence Based on Pregnancy Failures (No. E2010002)2010-12-06
 Unemployment Insurance Eligibility, Moral Hazardand Equilibrium Unemployment (No. E2010001)2010-06-03
 Lumpy Capital, Labor Market Search and Employment Dynamics over Business Cycles (No. E2009004)2009-04-01
 Political institutions and economic growth (in Chinese) (No. C2009001)2009-03-25
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