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Ph.D. Program (Four-year)
·  Political Economy
·  History of Chinese Economic Thought
·  Economic History
·  Western Economics
·  Quantitative Economics
·  Population, Resource and Environmental Economics
·  Labor Economics
·  Behavioral Economics
·  Econometrics
·  Health Economics and Public Policy
·  Experimental Economics
Core Courses
·  Marx's Capital I, II, III
·  Mathematical Economics
·  Advanced Microeconomics I, II, III
·  Advanced Macroeconomics I, II, III
·  Advanced Econometrics I, II, III
Field Courses
·  Advanced Political Economy I, II
·  Chinese & Foreign Institutional Economic Theory
·  Topics in Chinese & Foreign Market Economy Theory
·  Studies in History of Marxian Economic Thought
·  Economic Law
·  Studies in Political Economy
·  Studies in History of Foreign Economic Theory
·  Topics in Civil Law
·  Industrial Organization I, II
·  Experimental Economics I, II
·  Labor Economics I, II
·  Public Economics I, II
·  Modern Corporate Finance
·  Microeconometrics I, II
·  Quantitative Analysis of Marxian Economics
·  Analysis of Chinese Economic Issues
·  Schools of Foreign Marxian Economics
·  Directed Readings in Classics of Political Economy
·  Topics in Advanced Microeconomics I, II
·  Directed Readings in Political Economy
·  Directed Readings in Historiography
·  Directed Readings in Microeconomics
·  Directed Readings in Macroeconomics
·  Directed Readings in Labor Economics
·  Directed Readings in Econometrics
·  Studies in History of Chinese Economic Thought
·  Studies in History of Modern Chinese Economic Theory
·  Economic History of China I, II
·  Historical Materials Studies
·  Studies in Modern Economic Policy
·  General History of China
·  Foreign Economic History
·  Public Economics I, II
·  Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics I, II
·  Financial Econometrics I, II
·  Population, Resource and Environmental Economics I, II
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