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A Successful Career in Economics
     The goal of our graduate program is to nurture qualified research economists. Our graduates will acquire from our program a wide range of background knowledge and skills. Such background knowledge and skills are essential for those planning to be excellent university teachers and professional economists in the future. An advanced program in economics provides our graduates with a wide range of career choice in academia, governments and business.
     We have an excellent faculty of 86 members, including eighteen full professors and twenty-six associate professors. Seventy-nine of the faculty have doctoral degrees, including fifty-one from overseas. They are experienced in teaching and active in academic research. We target at establishing ourselves as a first-class economics school in Asia. Our school has made great contributions to and benefited greatly from the diversified lives and rich resources of SUFE. Our program is committed to uplifting the subject of Economics into a more important place among various kinds of subjects.
     Graduates are an integral part of our academic community. We owe our high-quality academic life to the active participation of our graduates. Each year we select outstanding students from a great number of competitive applicants. We provide our outstanding graduates dissertation research fellowships and attach equal importance to the work of preparing our dissertation students for their future jobs. We have been looking forward to having the chance to make a balance between your interests and our program strengths.
Guoqiang Tian
Dean of the school of Economics, SUFE
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