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Graduate Courses
Spring Term 2015
Course Code   Course Name Instructor 
210001 Socialist Economic Theory Bo Chen
212106 Advanced Macroeconomics Can Tian
212107 Advanced Econometrics Yan Sun
250521 Advanced Econometrics Chunqi Li
211439 Advanced Econometrics II Yanping Yi
212316 Time Series Analysis Jiawen Xu
211471 Financial Risk Control and Analysis Mingheng Zhang
212299 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Models Qiang Chen
211872 Analysis on China's Macroeconomics Zhuang Wu
212106 Advanced Macroeconomics Can Tian
310468 Schools of Contemporary Economic Theory Zhuang Wu
211231 Advanced Econometrics I Genxiang Shen
310303 Advanced Econometrics II Cong Li
310063 Advanced Econometrics Jian Zhou
211439 Advanced Econometrics II Cong Li
211360 Advanced Macroeconomics II Youzhi Yang
211234 Advanced Microeconomics II Bingyong Zheng
211360 Advanced Macroeconomics II Kevin X.D. Huang
212155 Advanced Applied Econometrics Dongming Zhu
211233 Marx's Capital I Peihua Mao
211439 Advanced Econometrics II Hanghui Zhang
211234 Advanced Microeconomics II Guoqing Tian
211441 Intermediate Political Economy II Peihua Mao
211449 Studies in History of Chinese Economic Thought (Modern Times) Fang Wang
220004 Macroeconomics Deyuan Zhang
310309 Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics II Quan Wen, Qianfeng Tang, Yongchao Zhang
310334 Labor Economics II Tak Wai Chow
211769 Population Resource and Environmental Economics II Ker Zhang, Tianxu Chen
310560 Foreign Economic History Lin Sun
310276 Topics in Chinese & Foreign Market Economy Theory Yuchang He
310378 Advanced Political Economics II Yan Ma
310599 Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign History of Economic Thought Lin Cheng
310789 Selected Readings in Macroeconomics Literature Zhe Li
211452 Studies in History of Modern Chinese Economic Theory Xiaolei Zhao
310348 Micro Econometrics II Lung-fei Lee, Fei Jin
310325 Financial Econometrics II Jinyong Jiang
310787 Selected Readings in Econometrics Literature Zhengyu Zhang
211457 Studies in History of Foreign Economic Theory Terry Peach
211451 Economic History of China II Hongzhong Yan
310792 Historical Material Studies Nan Li
310790 Selected Readings in Labor Economics Literature Shuaizhang Feng
310294 Industrial Organization Theory Ker Zhang
310345 Experimental Economics II Bin Miao, Soo-hong Chew
310784 Topics in Economic History Debin Ma
310306 Advanced Microeconomics II Bingyong Zheng
310310 Advanced Political Economy I Yan Ma, Zhongren Zhang
310311 Public Economics I Feng Liu
310359 Marx's Capital III Yan Ma
310791 Selected Readings inPolitical Economy Literature Yuchang He
310061 Advanced Macroeconomics Daqing Luo
310061 Advanced Macroeconomics Yonggang Hu
311031 Dynamic programming Qian Li
310952 Weekly Seminars
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