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    The School of Economics has a long history of excellence in economics teaching and research. In the early thirties of the last century, when the University was called the National Shanghai College of Commence, the Center for Economics Research was established. The Center became the Department of Economics in 1980 and was renamed The School of Economics in 2000. Renowned professors such as Yefang Sun, Jichuang Hu, and Chengxian Song once worked in the School. Currently, the School has a large number of distinguished economists including Min Tan, Guoqiang Tian, Ning Sun and Shuaizhang Feng.

     In July 2004, Guoqiang Tian, a professor of economics at the Texas A&M University in the US, was appointed Dean of the School. He is the first Dean ever hired from overseas by a mainland Chinese university. Under his leadership and with full support from the University, the School initiated historic economics reform and opened a new chapter in China's economics education.

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